On a day three years ago…

March 26, 2012

Tweet Dear Moose, On a day three years ago when the earth glittered and butterflies danced, when trumpets blasted and angels sang in celebration, you, my beautiful Baby William, were born. You’ve brought happiness and beauty into our lives.  You are a lot of curiosity with a sprinkle of mischief.  You are a little flirt […]

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Chasing seagulls

March 13, 2012

Tweet Maison Bean has been dusted in pollen, and with the fine yellow coating that comes this time of year, new leaves have begun to emerge on the fig tree, and even a few infant figs have been born. The fig tree is a descendant of the fig tree at Mimi’s homestead in Alabama.  My […]

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Bean Law

March 6, 2012

Tweet I once decreed that if you were to leave your house on a Saturday looking like shit, you would have a 25 percent chance of running into an old boyfriend. On Saturday I amended the law:  if you go to the grocery store looking like shit with a contrary toddler in tow and a list […]

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Home Security à la Bean

February 29, 2012

Tweet News flash:  Today is Papa’s penultimate* cancer treatment.  I was with him this morning when he got the results of his scan.  The cancer is gone!  Everything was unremarkable—this is good in the medical world—except for his left hip, which will take a while to heal from the cancer damage….  I guess this means […]

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Happy Presidents Day, Mr. George Obama

February 20, 2012

Tweet This morning in the car. Jax: Mommy, today is President’s Day. Me:  Yes, it is. Jax: Does Kate have to go to school today? Me: No, she’s off for President’s Day too. Jax: I know who the president is. Me: You do? Jax: Yeah, he’s George Washington Obama. Memo to self:  • Add teach Jax American history and current events to […]

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We interrupt this week’s scheduled post for Best in Show

February 15, 2012

Tweet Competing against much larger and speedier breeds, Malachy, a diminutive 11-pound Pekingese, won this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, sending out a message to the world that the Pekingese is indeed the superior species. Hyacinth, the author of When the Monarchy Crumbles, is also a Pekingese, but unlike Malachy, she is a bitch with an […]

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Censorship coming soon

February 8, 2012

Tweet Two weeks ago, Mimi underwent surgery to uncross her toes.  The index toe had lapped over the middle toe.  I think they got stuck when Mimi was praying to win the lottery.  If it wasn’t bad enough that she couldn’t wear sandals without drawing undue attention to herself, Mimi was in pain. The surgery […]

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Bean toys

February 1, 2012

Tweet Santa was generous this year—really generous.  In fact, I’m typing on his generosity right now.  But Bean Law being what it is (the Murphys ain’t got nothing on us), there were challenges. . . . When you’re a budding young athlete with untapped potential—at least according to your suspiciously prejudiced grandmother—the thing you need […]

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When life gets busy, stop for a minute and be glad you’re an American

January 26, 2012

Tweet Is it just me?  Who kicked up the throttle?  There’s school, there’s basketball, there’s Mt. Jenny (17 loads of laundry on the dining room table that needs to be sorted, folded and put away), there’s doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, and work.  Then there’s cancer and the occasional bad day, there’s the days we run […]

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Bean funnies

January 19, 2012

Tweet Vodka: Papa recently discovered a high-end vodka that’s $20 cheaper than Grey Goose and reputed to be just as good.  Never one to pass up a deal, Papa was convinced after the first martini that it was just as good as the Grey Goose. “You only like it because it’s cheap,” I told him. […]

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