Bean Gear

Having kids means having lots of stuff. Expensive stuff. Before I make major purchases, I always survey friends and look at online reviews. And lucky you—you’ve stumbled across this one webpage that is a compilation of trials, recommendations and reviews. Here’s my list of baby picks—the stuff that I can’t live without.

To purchase any of these items from Amazon, just click on the picture or the link. About Amazon: their prices are very competitive. Their customer service is impeccable. And buying from them means that you don’t have to trek across town, find a parking spot and waste three hours of your life.

Happy shopping!

Babyseats:  car seats, bouncy seat, rocker, high chair and the Bumbo
Bean Books:  the best loved books of the Baby Beans
Bean Beds:  sleeping and room accessories, including bed rail, portable beds, and crib mobile
Bean Box:  the toys little Beans play with
Electronics:  monitors, breast pumps, camera, baby CD player
Miscellaneous:  odd things, gifts, bunting
Transportation:  single and double strollers, baby carriers