When I got the Boppy pillow as a present, I had no idea how grateful I should be to Kelly for giving it to me.  It is a must-have, especially if you plan to nurse your baby.  It fits around your waist and allows you to hold your baby comfortably.  It goes in the washing machine with no hassles and you can buy slip covers for it as well.  Put it on your baby registry or purchase it here–you’ll be glad you did.

The SoZo bunting is sooooo adorable.  No, I don’t have one.  I just found it when I was looking at bedding, but I’m thinking about buying one and trying to squash Moose into it!  It would be a hit as a baby shower gift.

The Peepee Teepee for the Sprinkling WeeWee is too cute not to include as a gift idea.  They really are adorable as a stocking stuffer or something to add in a basket for a baby boy.  It’s a hat for the little peanut so that Mommy doesn’t get peepeed on, and you can also get them in adorable Santa hats, but if you’re looking for something other than a novelty gift, use a washcloth instead.  They were too tiny to absorb all of Jax’s peepee, and I didn’t even try them on Moose, who was actually a little more respectful in the peepee department.