Larry lounges on a lemon

August 15, 2012

Tweet Yes, I am still blogging.  Life is just busy and I need a little inspiration.   In the meantime, I had to post this picture of Larry on my lemon tree. No, I haven’t been drinking—it’s a Meyer lemon, and it won’t be ripe until this fall. Enjoy.  I promise to be back next week […]

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Welcome to the Avenue of Americas

August 2, 2012

Tweet Forty-five hundred bloggers and the Hilton bar didn’t open until noon.When I asked the barista in a coffee shop in Times Square where the Hilton was, she looked confused. I asked her where Avenue of Americas was. She said something I didn’t understand. I asked her to repeat it. I still didn’t understand. Why […]

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PayPal and the demise of customer service

August 1, 2012

Tweet I have always loved, loved, loved PayPal. And I also have to admit that I frequently go to this link to keep myself updated on the other Paypal options I have. In my compulsive eBay spending days, I used it without fail. When we were planning our high school reunion, we collected payment via […]

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At the leper colony

July 11, 2012

Tweet When I was a little girl, I thought I would grow up and marry a nice man. We would live in a very large white Victorian-style house with wraparound porches and have a passel of children, most of whom would be girls, and a big Labrador retriever that would never poop, or at least […]

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Girl talk

June 21, 2012

Tweet Ellie and I were sharing some chocolate coconut brownies that we’d filched from an event held in another department at work.  Ellie and I have been working together for 15 years.  She’s like my sister—I can tell her anything It was late afternoon and we were the only two in the office. “Jenny, there’s […]

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Why I haven’t posted in more three weeks: #2

June 3, 2012

Tweet Reason #1:  I’ve been trying to identify a rare humingbird species Reason #2:  Moose offended a Costco food server I hauled Jax and Moose with me to Costco the other day.  It’s not pleasant and it’s certainly not efficient, and since they are my free time, I rarely ever go to the store, which […]

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Why I haven’t posted in more than three weeks: #1

May 28, 2012

Tweet I’m an easily distracted If-You-Give-A-Mouse-A-Cookie kind of person.  I start cleaning up the kitchen, find a blanket on the floor that I take to Moose’s room where I see some dirty clothes on the floor that I take to the washing machine.  There I find clean towels that need to be put in the […]

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By the grace of God and two Corona Lights

May 4, 2012

Tweet When Papa called me at work asking what I wanted for dinner, I thought about what we’d had the night before (curried squid) and the night before (crunchy beans*) and the night before (TOFU!!!)… and then I had a brilliant idea, something I hadn’t thought of in a long time—going out for dinner. And […]

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April 17, 2012

Tweet I once read that if you can’t write something good, don’t write anything at all.  The problem is that life has gotten so busy that I simply haven’t had time to write anything good, and it’s going on two weeks since I’ve written anything, and, believe me, I’ve got plenty of blog material—just no […]

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Reptiles, nuptials and drag queen attendants

April 1, 2012

Tweet With the occasion of Moose’s birthday, Papa once again broached the idea of a puppy for the boys. “We’ve had this conversation before,” I said.  “And the answer is still no.” Sensing defeat, Papa tried to bargain.  “A cat?” “All I have to say about that is—LITTER BOX.” “A bird?” “Are you out of […]

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