The Bob Revolution. What can I say? As far as strollers go, it’s in a class by itself. An amazing piece of equipment. Five stars all the way. It’s a dream. Go test drive one. Your baby will glide, and you, Mommy, will be on stars. The serious walker or jogger or even shopper will be glad she made the investment.

The Bob Duallie.  This is one of those things that I don’t own, but feel comfortable recommending.  Why don’t I own it, especially when I bragged so much about the single?  I didn’t want a side-by-side.   I am in the coffee shop and the grocery store and the bakery and there’s no room to do that with a side-by-side.  But if you’re jogging or even just out strolling in the neighborhood, the Bob Duallie, I feel comfortable saying, is for  you.

The Phil and Teds inline stroller with doubles kit is what you get if you need a double and a side-by-side isn’t for you.  This is a great stroller, and I use mine all the time.  It’s got some great features, like easily converting back to single, and the front seat converts to a bed for a newborn while allowing you to move the convertible seat up front.  If you’re a serious jogger, I recommend you test it first.  It requires a little more ump to push than the Bob, but then again, you’re pushing two.

The Quattro Tour System is a great buy for someone who does not want a jogger.  I really liked mine.  Features that I like:  toddler cup tray, the spacious and easily accessible basket for storing packages, and the reclining seat that creates a portable bed for a sleepy infant when Mommy is on the go.  I gave mine away reluctantly to make more room in the garage for the Bob and the Phil and Teds.

I never would have pegged myself as a mom who walked around with a baby strapped to me.  It seemed a little… primitive.  But then I had a baby and I got over my preconceived notions.  I used my Snugli Infant Carrier so much that I had to wash it weekly.  It’s functional and the price is great.

Had I pegged myself as a baby-strapped mommy, I probably would have purchased the Baby Bjorn carrier.  The Baby Bjorn is a little more expensive.  I haven’t used one, but friends who have say it’s great and so do the reviews.