The summer it rained, part I

June 30, 2013

And rained and rained and rained.

The floods have come.  My new grass is at the bottom of a pond.  Flip and Flop are wearing life preservers. At Maison Bean, the schedule changes every day.  One day it’s camp soccer; the next day it’s camp rec center.  And a trip to the good doctor to treat swimmer’s ear on a kid I didn’t know could swim.

At Kell’s house

Before I could get out of the car, Jax and Moose were in the pool.

Me:  I didn’t know Jax could swim.

The British Husband:  YOU DIDN’T KNOW HE COULD SWIM? [His eyebrows disappeared into his forehead.]

Me:  He must’ve learned at camp.

In Kell’s kitchen

Me:  I like that plate hanging over your sink.  Is it Italian?

Kell:  You’re kidding me.  Right?

Me:  No, I really like it.  It’s exquisite.

There was a pause while it dawned on her that it’s been a lot of years and a lot of chardonnay since then.

Kell:  You gave it to me.

Me:  I did?

Kell:  Yeah.

Me:  Can I have it back?

After some wine, I took the plate down.  It was Italian.  Hand painted.

Me:  I really have good taste.

Kell snorted.

One of these days I’m gonna nail down the respect thing.  Right now, Mother Nature has waged war and I expect to be stuck in the house with Moose for the next week.

Things could get ugly…. Really ugly.

My red cascade.  I guess MN isn't all that bad.


Irene July 1, 2013 at 8:35 am

LMAO! I love the dish story! I’ve done stuff like that! “You gave it to me!” Oh……I did……um……yeah…….wow…..I don’t remember…. (AWKWARD!)

Ugh, swimmers ear! I had one every summer growing up! My poor mother! And they didn’t have the cool antibiotics when I was young! It’s only July Jen….it’s bound to get better! Has Papa mildewed yet?

Kristy K. James July 1, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Yeah, the story about the plate is hilarious. Been there, done that. But at least I can say I’ve never used a cute little jar layered with cookie making ingredients as a kitchen decoration. Gave them to my siblings/spouses a few years ago…and the one I gave to my sister still sits on her counter. She thought it was sand art…(not sure why she thought I’d attach a cute little recipe for making them to the lid, but hey, at least I know it’s a gift that has been enjoyed for a good six years now. 🙂

Shh about the rain. It’s either chilly and cloudy (my preference), or HOT with the threat of strong storms. The grass is growing like it’s magic, and the mosquitoes are multiplying even faster. I’ll be glad when fall gets here.

I’m not sure I’m right on this, but I think a way to prevent swimmers ear is to put a drop of alcohol in each ear after being in the water. You might want to Google that. 🙂

Ally July 2, 2013 at 12:37 am

The normally rainy Pacific Northwest has got the summer weather. And no air conditioning. It’s kinda crazy, but I won’t complain about sunshine.

“He must’ve learned at camp.” – LOL!

portia July 2, 2013 at 1:20 am

Well. it is a wet summer so far….I have what looks to be leprosy on my legs, but is just the damn skeeters that bite me and make giant red hives. I don’t even feel them bite, but they last weeks and itch beyond belief. It is great that Jax is a swimmer, but the ear thing is a pain! Hope your yard doesn’t turn into a swimming hole!

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